If we cannot say no, then yes loses its meaning

  Who are we kidding? We’ve all done it; to impress, to be polite, to please, to gain something later, because we think we don’t have a choice, to avoid a scene, to shut them up, or as a lie for the moment. But if we cannot say no, then yes loses its meaning. I […]

The crowd loves being a crowd

While thinking about others, it’s a natural tendency to compare ourselves to them, what they’re thinking of us, and our place among them as we perceive it. We seek reassurance we have a place to belong. There’s strength and safety in numbers, and following the crowd makes life so much easier. Sometimes it rubs the […]

The goal rush vs “it’s part of the process”

  Results seekers, goal getters, high achievers and accomplishment lovers— You know and live for the high of wins; it’s what makes you tick, and what fuels you forward. But sometimes, the path you choose to getting what you want (or think you want) leaves a lot to be desired. Things tend to get intense. […]

Confidence: How some have it easy, and what to do if you don’t

  I have a friend who succeeds at pretty much anything she touches. New business? She already owns one, so why not start another? Website, manufacturing, marketing, she’s on it. Neither starting nor following through are a problem. Room remodel? She finds the right people in a jiff, knows what she wants, and viola, it’s […]

Stop asking for good advice. Get real advice instead.

Their voices were so loud my head was ready to explode. I couldn’t make them stop. It was my own fault. I had opened the door and they all rushed in, flooding every crevice they could find. I should’ve known better. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. That’s the problem with advice. You go […]

5 Ideas too sexy for their own good (and why you shouldn’t fall for them)

You thought they were the “one”. But they broke their promise, let you down, and if they got far enough, they broke your heart. Nothing tastes quite like the bitter disappointment of discovering you fell for a sham. They told you what you wanted to hear, and you fell hook, line and sinker. It’s a […]