What will you do with your 100%?

There’s something wonderful about the number 100%, isn’t it? Just hearing it calms the mind, soothes the soul, unclenches the jaw. It sounds comforting and reassuring, like few things in life do.  But in reality, underneath all that heart-softening goodness is a hard, logical, mathematical concept. And somewhere along the way we’ve confused this fact […]

The danger of using good books to get better

I have loved many things in this life, mostly people, some ideas, but also things. One of my fierce childhood loves that still holds a place in my heart are books by Agatha Christie. Reading those books is one of my fondest memories of childhood, and to this day I own the very same copies […]

If you’re scared of being left behind

  S – step forward (stuck and scared keeps you still) T – tackle what you’ve been avoiding A – allow room for mistakes R – rise up, again T – time—longer than you want—is essential, so give it M – mindset matters O – over and over is how we learn V – validate […]

If we cannot say no, then yes loses its meaning

  Who are we kidding? We’ve all done it; to impress, to be polite, to please, to gain something later, because we think we don’t have a choice, to avoid a scene, to shut them up, or as a lie for the moment. But if we cannot say no, then yes loses its meaning. I […]

The crowd loves being a crowd

While thinking about others, it’s a natural tendency to compare ourselves to them, what they’re thinking of us, and our place among them as we perceive it. We seek reassurance we have a place to belong. There’s strength and safety in numbers, and following the crowd makes life so much easier. Sometimes it rubs the […]

The goal rush vs “it’s part of the process”

  Results seekers, goal getters, high achievers and accomplishment lovers— You know and live for the high of wins; it’s what makes you tick, and what fuels you forward. But sometimes, the path you choose to getting what you want (or think you want) leaves a lot to be desired. Things tend to get intense. […]