Where to begin when you’re ready to listen to your own voice

It’s hard to explore anything these days that’s not popular, not part of a top 10, a viral phenomenon. The tidal wave that is the mainstream is more powerful than ever before, and swimming against the current is rarely encouraged, or only superficially. Unless of course, you defy and exceed all expectations, and become popular, […]

Where to begin when you want to get unstuck

  We often fall into the trap of dealing with a problem by going around it in circles. We start with an anxious mindset. Then we churn out one doomsday scenario after another. We let our best villain voice take lead in our head; condescending, mocking, and with a British accent. Next, in a valiant […]

Where to begin when it’s time to make a change

The idea of change can feel intimidating, overwhelming, heartbreaking, like a breath of fresh air, eye-opening, heart-glowing, soul-shaking. Sometimes, all of it at once. In recent years, I’ve grappled with a lot of change. Some big, some small, and in the inner landscape of mind and soul, almost all of it scary. I can’t decide […]

The one book that can change your life

In a few short weeks, the needle of hope will turn to its annual high, the world collectively ushering in a new year, and with it – hopefully – new dreams that turn to reality. At the same time, aside from a few dissenters (aren’t there always?), there will also be those that move nonchalantly […]

What will you do with your 100%?

There’s something wonderful about the number 100%, isn’t it? Just hearing it calms the mind, soothes the soul, unclenches the jaw. It sounds comforting and reassuring, like few things in life do.  But in reality, underneath all that heart-softening goodness is a hard, logical, mathematical concept. And somewhere along the way we’ve confused this fact […]

The danger of using good books to get better

I have loved many things in this life, mostly people, some ideas, but also things. One of my fierce childhood loves that still holds a place in my heart are books by Agatha Christie. Reading those books is one of my fondest memories of childhood, and to this day I own the very same copies […]